Staining Different Wooden Patios in Wichita Falls, TX

Wooden patios have a number of components that make them unique, but none so much as the style of the patio layout and the color of the stain that’s used to accentuate it. Staining your patio, in particular, goes a long way towards tying your yard together with your home itself because color often bridges the gap between something that’s “part of the home” or “just a fixture.” Many times, homeowners don’t realize the importance of this relationship until they see it in action and if the stain of a patio isn’t quite right, it tends to stick out like a sore thumb. Here are a few of the most popular wood stains and what they say about your patio:

Golden Oak: Wooden patios in Wichita Falls, TX that are going for a more natural, contemporary feel are often stained with a Golden Oak color. This hue sparkles in the sunlight, giving off a vibrant tone that’s welcoming and bright. Plus, because it’s a highly neutral color, you can pair it with just about any variation of patio furniture that you might want, without fear that it will clash. Golden Oak is a color that’s just right for homeowners who don’t want to take a lot of chances when it comes to staining their patio and it’s a great color for first time do-it-yourselfers.

Sedona Red: If you’re looking to stay traditional in color, yet want a bit more of an accent from your wood stain, try something in the way of Sedona Red. This classic red-brown variation keeps in tune with the traditional feel of a wooden patio, but allows for a more eye-catching appeal thanks to its reddish tones. Great for homeowners that like to keep things in the family of earthen tones, Sedona Red makes a fine color for prestigious patios.

English Chestnut: Right between classic Red Oak and Dark Walnut, this color is absolutely perfect for homes that have a naturalistic feel about them. Because of the clean, brown hue of this stain, it works exceedingly well with homes of a lighter or darker color, allowing you to play off of both hues with a neutral, somber color in the way of a wooden patio. Like Golden Oak, this color is widely adaptable for just about any color accessories, which makes it a safe bet no matter what you’ve got planned for it.

Mahogany: Deep, dark and very becoming when used correctly, wooden patios in Wichita Falls, TX stained Mahogany give off a very rustic feel. Because of the deep tones of this color and its tendency to be very exclusive in matching colors, this is a stain that plays very well with complementary things and not well at all with clashing ones. Be careful if you’re choosing to stain your patio Mahogany—it had better match perfectly with everything around it or you could find yourself with an eyesore!

If you’re not sure what color best suits your wooden patio, take a look at everything around it: would the benefit from a darker or lighter color? What about the color of your home or the foliage nearby? Always remember to pick a color that’s far and above a complementary color, rather than one that will clash with its surroundings.

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