Retaining Walls in Wichita Falls, TX: A Growing Trend

A growing trend in Wichita Falls, TX is to complement landscaping with decorative retaining walls. Many homeowners either don’t know what a retaining wall is, or assume it’s just a costly decorative item with little purpose. So what is a retaining wall, what purpose does it serve and how can it benefit you as a homeowner?
Retaining walls are a corrective device used by homeowners to change the natural shapes of their lawn. This might include controlling or leveling slopes and drastic inclines, or for surrounding gardens, garages, or driveways. They also can conceal foundations and prevent natural erosion. In addition to these practical measures, they also create distinct areas for landscaping, look great, create elevated spaces for patios or gardens and can even add value to a property.
Most retaining walls in Wichita Falls, TX are made of wood, interlocking block, or insulated concrete. As they have grown in popularity, more and more styles have become available. A Wichita Falls resident would be advised to spend considerable time scanning internet pictures and reading magazine articles before choosing a retaining wall style—the variety seems almost endless.
The most important factor before choosing a retaining wall in Wichita Falls, TX is to understand its purpose. Is your retaining wall to fix lawn flooding or is it more cosmetic? Will the elevated area be used for small plants or is it large enough for a patio? Each design can be tailored for your specific need, but knowing ahead of time will give you a broad idea of what to look for in the way of much needed design ideas.
Wichita Falls residents tend to be do-it-yourselfers, but maybe think again when it comes to adding a retaining wall. Just like landscaping, it is possible to add your own retaining wall, but be advised, it comes at considerable risk. Having a professional install a retaining wall is a great way to avoid common mistakes that can leave your yard a disaster. Proper construction of a retaining wall includes a solid base and back walls. Just like any foundation, if done correctly the finished product will look better and the wall will last much longer.
More importantly, the main reason retaining walls in Wichita Falls, TX fail is that they do not have proper drainage. A professional will survey the property and create custom solutions to make sure the walls thoroughly drain. If not done correctly, slime, rust, and mineral deposits will create immediate damage and eventually lead to a complete collapse. This is particularly dangerous if the retaining wall helps support a patio or hides a foundation.
Of all the landscaping projects, retaining walls are probably the most important to leave to a professional. Don’t let this deter you from taking on this great home improvement project. Just because you have a professional do the hard work, doesn’t mean you can’t have say over how it looks and what purpose it serves. Take control of your yard’s slopes and drainage problems by scheduling an appointment with a professional landscaper at Longo Landscaping today.

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