Landscaping Ideas in Wichita Falls, TX: A Beginners Guide

Landscaping is one of the most rewarding home improvement projects to take on. It increases value and makes your home look great! Homeowners in Texas sometimes put off these projects, however, because they can seem daunting and there are just too many great landscaping ideas in Wichita Falls, TX to choose from. With all the styles out there, your best bet is to start with some simple ideas and go from there. Remember that every project has to start somewhere and Rome wasn’t built in a day.
For landscaping ideas in Wichita Falls, TX, start with a few basic rules: first, what are the current trends in Wichita Falls and how long will those trends last? Some looks are timeless, while others will be out of style in a few years. Second, what style do you personally like and don’t see yourself getting sick of. It’s your house and it’s for your enjoyment, right? And third, what styles allow for changes in the seasons and can survive North Texas weather. This can reduce maintenance costs and will make sure your yard looks great all year long.
Once you have the basics down, it’s time to get into a little more detail. If you take things one step at a time, instead of trying to landscape all of Wichita Falls in one night, it’s much easier to come up with landscaping ideas that’ll work. For example, start with one aspect of the landscaping, such as trees. Figure out what will look good in your yard depending on your current landscape and home size. This will include figuring out such issues as tree height and width, how you want them to screen your home, color of bark and leaves, how it will appear in different seasons, and whether the tree is ornamental for decoration, or larger for shading part of your yard or home. By the way, for changing seasons, go with local favorites such as regional fruit trees, willows, or oak.
Once you have your trees figured out, consider how you will fill in the gaps. Most Wichita Falls residents like ideas that are straightforward for their landscaping solutions, such as using local shrubs that will keep leaves all year long, local flowers like Texas wildflower, marigolds, or gardenias, and perennials that either like sunny or shaded areas. Buy the shrubs depending on whether they will be planted in the sun or shade and know beforehand how they look in different seasons.
Remember to always find out how tall plants or trees will get and when their bloom times are. Try for varying heights and sizes and alternating bloom times. To prevent wildlife from destroying your hard work, be sure to also find some sort of fencing solution.
Of course, all this and more can be accomplished far easier if you take the time to call a landscaping business, like Longo Landscaping, for various ideas and prices. If you follow these steps, you can be well on your way to getting the most out of your yard all year long as you explore some of the most creative landscaping ideas in Wichita Falls, TX.

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