Stamped Concrete: Trending for a Reason

Sometimes trends aren’t all they’re cracked up to be, but in the case of stamped concrete, the trend has quickly become a staple for luxury homes in Wichita Falls. Nationwide stamped concrete has grown in popularity since the 1970s. With a decreasing cost and more interest in ways to set a home apart than ever before, stamped concrete is here to stay.
Stamped concrete is concrete that has been patterned and textured to resemble other materials. It comes in almost an unlimited number of designs and colors, ranging from replicating brick or slate, to imitation flagstone and wood. As an inexpensive alternative to other materials, stamped concrete in Wichita Falls has been the subject of driveways, patios, and sidewalks.
The low cost of stamped concrete doesn’t mean a less durable product. In fact, stamped concrete is more durable than most other alternatives, while also providing a luxurious and custom look to any home. The colors can perfectly contrast against a home and landscaped yard, in addition to turning something boring—like a driveway or garden path—into a work of art that adds curb appeal and increases home value.
If you are interested in turning your Wichita Falls home into a work of art, start planning your stamped concrete project right away. Pick a paved area and consider doing full sections at a time. For example, instead of just doing your driveway, do the driveway, sidewalk in front of your home, and the pathway leading from the street to your front door. You won’t believe how much of a difference this will make in how your home appears from the street. If you have already done the front of your home, consider a similar renovation to your backyard. Stamped concrete looks great around a pool, garden, or can make a great patio.
Another great idea is to connect spaces using stamped concrete in Wichita Falls. If you have a three-season room, and an outdoor patio, connect the spaces using the same stamped concrete. The continuity will make both areas appear larger, and give that great all inclusive resort feeling to your backyard entertaining space.
Some Wichita Falls residents have even used stamped concrete for indoor uses. Turn your garage into a showroom using stamped concrete, or use it as a great touch to a finished basement. Stamped concrete can even be used for living or dining rooms with the addition of a decorative rug. The ease of cleaning and maintenance, in addition to longevity, make stamped concrete a great alternative to traditional indoor flooring.
Outdoor stamped concrete can also be a canvas for further decorating your home. If you have gone with a “Southwest” themed stamped concrete, then further decorate around it using southwest decorations such as cactus or decorative wagons. Another idea is to use lighting to compliment the stamped concrete’s color and texture, both in the front and back yards. Stamped concrete can look great during the day and night with the correct mood lighting. Let your imagination run wild and think of the limitless possibilities stamped concrete can add to your home.

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